Sunday, September 12, 2010

Keningau trip.

=D I bought my W995 right before going back to Keningau. So.. I decided I should try the camera out immediately =D

I have had much fun in Keningau. Most of the time, the food is so nice that I even forgot the existence of my phone… thus the lack of photo =( Haha. Not only I have had the pleasure of enjoying tones of Raya cuisine, but I also enjoyed Chinese cookings prepared by my aunts =D Thanks to them, I enjoyed most of the food I really missed in just 2 meals. =D They really are professionals in this culinary area.

Most of my relatives commented that I have grown fatter.. which… is… I guess.. true? =D CUTE would be more correct. Hahaha… (shameless)

Sadly, this trip lacked something, fruits.. Since it is off season, I cant complain… But I cant help but to feel sad =C This reminds me of pesta buah-buahan.. where I stuffed myself with Durians. =D

Note: forgive the dark thing at the side of some photos. I am not a perfectionist. I am definitely not artistic. No, I don’t have skills in photography. Save your aesthetic comments. =D


Milo, my dog, looking out the window.. If you want to know what she is doing in the car… She is going with us.. @@


The humble vehicle. Two door. Four wheels. =D


The house where my dad grew up in. =D And where I have stayed during the trip.


Erm…. erm…. some random puppy.


Bio students. Is this a duck?


Buffalo =D They are scared of me =D


Paddy field behind my/my dad’s/my grandma’s house =D


Had an artistic moment… which… resulted…


More Dawgs!


Reminds me of some… freaky.. lazy… cat..


The 1st house I went raya to =D



Samson playing left for dead 2 on my laptop. (cause we were bored)


My brother, Sheldon, playing PSP. I can bet you 100 that he was playing FIFA.

Err.. Yeah… That’s about it. Its little, but what to do. I duno how to take pics also =( Ha-ha..

Grr…. another week, and I will have to go back to that forsaken place. Have to enjoy my last week here =( Gotta have fffffffuuuuuunnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!

No. No random emo stuff this week. =D



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