Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It saddens me..

It really does… Racism. It is still there, after year of “independence”.

How long does it take for the idea that all humans are equal to settle into racist minds? You know what I am talking about. Oh yes you do. Just look at the recent news. Racism racism, racist attacks, racist statement. Oh so you think you are superior? Get real.

Must this be how this country is going to fall apart? Due to racism? Truth is, this country was no where near the top from the start. But do they really want to destroy the little that is left here? Hard to admit, yes, but this is still the place I call home. I won’t deny it. It is the country that sandwiches Singapore. Its Malaysia. I love Malaysia, but sadly, Malaysia seems to hate its people.

Saw reports of racist attacks on the eve of “Independence” day itself. You gotta be kidding me right? Are you really kidding me? People with this mindset still exist? Hahaha. I am confused. Where are they bred exactly? No, I am not going to curse. Not on my blog. But these people seriously deserve a kick in the teeth. Causing racial tension everywhere in this country.

Some more got people say out loud that Chinese people should go back to China. Indians to India.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? OMG, such people still exist? No, I won’t criticize the person, or condemn them. I just want to know, where do they plant that idea into you people? And how? INCEPTION ISSIT??    ):<

Namewee took a bold front with his video and showed the anger of us, the “minority” races in Malaysia. But I have to admit. It really really saddens me to see such happening in M’sia.. Every time I look at people who are racist minded, I can’t help but to feel a hint of sadness in my heart.. Racism is like a disease.. and apparently Malaysia is very sick..

We ain’t got the cure, because we ARE the cure. Guys and girls, I challenge you, don’t just think of running away from this place. Please do commit this country into your prayers. Better still, be the change! Vote! If you have reached the correct age that is. Better still, identify racist people. Be nice to them. Don’t lash out on them. Treat them like a friend. Let them know that we ain’t much different from them too. No matter how bad they have been brainwashed, I believe that our genuine acts of love will touch those people who thinks in such ways.

Maybe one day, this country will be a much better place. But until then, I urge that all of us have patience against such acts and speeches of racism. Until that day comes, I pray that all of us will be able to continue to be the change in this place, no matter how bad the situation becomes.

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