Saturday, October 2, 2010

Busy Days =/

I have busy these days… But out of desperation…

Please press the link above =D

If u did, thanks, If u din, no, its not virus. It just help me (hopefully) =D

Or Press Here.

If you can’t click it, copy and paste it to your browser =)

By the way, I am just ok lo, calculus still killing me. =/

Universities need to apply, so have to think twice on which ones to apply.

Still playing guitar, trying to be a better player.. Haha.

Not playing games nowadays, no time T_T So sad right my life. Haiz..

Well, nowadays I look like this DSC00083

the retard looking guy with black shirt. Haha. Not the stalker behind me. =/

Yeah. That would be the end of this post. xD


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