Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am going HOME! =D

The feeling of being able to go home is just so indescribable. I feel like a drop of water. Fell on a mountain. Drifted to the sea. Purified. Evaporated. And then now I am coming back to the mountain again. The mountain is called HOME =D

List of of to do when I do go back: 1)Go sing K with Friends.

                                                                        2)Get a new phone. Harap lah.

                                                                         3)Play my bro’s PSP.

                                                                        4)Study Cal 2

                                                                        5)finish up my dossier crap.

                                                                        6)Go out jalan jalan with my buddies.

                                                                        7)Eat up all the food I love in Sabah.


                                                                         9)Hope to pinjam the cam from Bro.

                                                                        10)Criticize Phoebe’s hair.

                                                                        11) Eat up all the fruits in my house.

                                                                        12) Find avocado.

                                                                        13)Play firecrackers.

                                                                         14) blast music in my room.

Haha… so much to do.. so little time.. Hmm…. Guess I gotta make time for everything. Hahaha… Still reading “The Pig that Wants To Be Eaten.” Gotta say, It has some interesting ideas to be pondered upon. =D

Hmm.. just a random late night post.. Gotta Sleep.

Since People always end with something here..



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