Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dandelion seeds

Walking by…. I see a bunch of dandelions growing by the sidewalk. With no further thinking, I immediately grasp a handful of the seeds just see and feel how the seeds really looked and felt like.

All I saw was beauty indescribable and I was amazed by just a few simple and identical seeds. After that, I wanted to bring it back home, and place it in someplace where I can keep it.

Then I was faced with a thought. If I keep the seeds, it will never grow. If I let the seeds go right there right then, It will never be mine. If I planted it somewhere at home, it will never look as good as those which grows along with other dandelions. Furthermore, my mom will whack me for planting weeds at home. Not the narcotics weed.

Then I thought, was it ever mine in the first place? Not only that, I will be prohibiting the seeds growth by keeping it.

With that thought, I gazed at the afternoon sun glaring at me, gently letting go of the seeds in the process. A breeze came by, and lifted those pretty dandelion seeds off my hand. I watched as the wind blew the seeds off into the horizon. My trail of thought stopped, when I see of the seeds no more.

With a weak smile, I walked into the house as my stomach grumbled.

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