Monday, September 6, 2010

Some snapshots.

After playing for 6 months. I have decided to put some snapshots of my games  of Modern Warfare 2 in. ha-ha. I am not all that good. but I am quite ok I guess. ha-ha-ha.

So, this is me playing my sniper class in the map Afghan. Secondary is Akimbo G18. Don’t judge me. Throwing knives and stun grenade as equipment. Sleight of hand, Stopping Power, and Steady aim as perks.

iw4mp 2010-09-06 09-08-43-25

The above picture shows me getting first blood. Awesome. haha.

iw4mp 2010-09-06 09-09-47-18

I stood up behind a rock and sniped him, whilst getting headshot =D

iw4mp 2010-09-06 09-16-55-07

Ballz Underdog. That’s me. score is just average I guess. ha-ha.

The rest of the game I panicked. No time for snapshots cause a guy with knifing perks is running around. Got me paranoid cause he caught me pants down a few times.

I think overall. The game was worth it! But now I cant wait for Black Ops to come out. ha-ha-ha.

Other than games. I cooked too! =D

This is what it looks like Ha-ha.


Hmm….. This was for the Gathering at John’s house I helped a bit only.



=D this was my dinner tonight. xD looks better than Bistro ahahah.

My food expedition. xD


This is Tuaran mee at the shop I like to eat it. fried with yellow wine. Um nom-nom-nom-nom-nom. xD

If u said my choice is basically oily… well… Hahah. I am fat I guess. xD

Until my next post. I am still enjoying KK.


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