Monday, December 21, 2009


So I have been at home for two months now. What have i done? I cant really describe everything in words right here. So, i will attach a few photos in this post and attempt to describe what those photo meant.... Yeah.. I know.. I am that boring..

Well, life here in KK.... Is kind of much better than life in Shah Alam. Compared to KK Shah Alam is hell on earth.

The reign of pork in my belly is almost over.. I am gonna go back to a no pork diet once more. Long live Sang Nyuk Mien T.T

My room... my beloved radio... is not gonna follow me... I hate earphones!!!!!!

No more exercise routines, no more 12 pm breakfast, no more music fest.
All that is left is misery.

Well, I am done talking, lets go to the photos shall we?

Entrance road to my taman

Constructing Shop lots = a lot of noise

swimming pool? Mosquito nest. Notice my bike? top left corner.


Yeah.. my dog.. Anything under the chair>?

view of 1 Borneo from my house

birds eye view of my taman.

my fren n me at phase 2 of my taman.

I swear i have nothing to do with this.

Even graffiti artists love micheal jackson.


The Rubbish hut where I get my bids eye view shots from. on top lah. look at the left hand side you can see the stairs.

Mode of Transport to KK town.

Tuaran road = jam in the evening. (not yet okays.)

Newly constructed shop lots in front of my house.

escape artists?

Too fat to fit through the bars.

Isnt My life "colourful" ? Hahaha. Well, at least these stuff provided me with something to enjoy for 2 months. Not bad eh?

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