Friday, January 15, 2010

Hmm.. Not a Optimistic Approach.

Wah! School start dy.. !st of all! i wun post up my holiday at KL. CZ I DUN HAVE FREAKING PICS.. haha.. Sorry luo.. =.=

I am super busy lea, and i dont know why exactly. It is as if, you look at your task list, not much right? But when you start doing it, before you know it its 12 midnight, and you have done nothing..

WEI! if u think i procrastinate, no i din.. Jz tat college life... Haiz... Do many stuff ourselves.. REALLY REALLy tiring..

Guess wad? We play basketball every evening lea. I hope to grow some manly abs @.@

Boring like hell man this place.. Cendana campus if you dont know already.. Its freaking miles away from any shopping centre.. I mean What Kind of people would plan a campus at such a far away place.. Far away from entertainment, from the college and from good food. ( freaking dwood)....

Wash Clothes, Assignments, and more awaits. ^^ Next time lar hor? BUsy busy busy~

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