Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chance and Purpose

What do you believe in?

Chance? Or Purpose?

If everything were by chance, Probability should be the first chapter in Add Math,
If purpose guides everything in its course, Then everything we do have its consequences.

If the world happened by chance, then our existence would be meaningless.
But Purpose gives us hope and Dreams.

Some choose Chance as the explanation, trying to avoid the fact that they are the cause of what happened in their lives.
Some believe in Purpose, To justify their wrongdoings.

With chance, and a supercomputer, every happening is calculable, and the implications is all but mere numbers.
With purpose, a person is unpredictable, He against all impossible odds, will complete what he is here to do.

Chance is a rolling dice,
Purpose is a path to somewhere.

I can't say for sure which one i believe in yet.
But can you?

Live it.

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