Thursday, December 10, 2009


December. A month of sadness. Last month of the year. A sign of another year wasted. What we have done in the past doesn’t matter now. Because it will all soon be just another page in our life that we could care less about.

December. A month of hope. Last month before next year. A month of hope. A time to set goals for the year to come. A time to envision the future. Because when January comes, there shall be no more time for planning.

Procrastination. What we do best. hmm…

too  emo @.@ fine.

This 2 days, i have played finish the game Call Of Duty 6 : Modern Warfare 2 THE GAME IS EPIC.

PLS PLAY IT. You will not regret playing it. Although the game is kinda harder than the first modern warfare series, it features a gameplay sooo  nice that the the way they reveal every part of the story is just breathtaking.

An extra feature namely SPEC OPS is also available in this call of duty installment. it lets you play a ranked based mini mission kind of thing. its a very nice way for newbies to train and for experts to hone their skills.

more choice of guns, breathtaking storytelling, and superb gameplay. I would give a 9.7 out of 10. a bit less than perfect due to the inability to crack the multiplayer easily T.T

Nicely done INFINITY WARD.


heartbeat sensor. fiction. but it sure is nice to have.


i’ve got a gun and i am not afraid to use it.


Up for a ride in the snow?


Jet pilot flying danger close.

Finally they have decided on soap’s looks and voice. aint he cool?


Thermal Sight. Smoke nades aint gonna smoke me.


Intervention sniper rifle scope. It sure can help land the bullet on a body.

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