Saturday, December 5, 2009

Darn... Gt Many Request... so here it is... Our Video

This is basically the lamest video made for the campaign project in our class.. We campaigned against nuclear weapons basically.

Me, Zhi Yu, Royston and Soo Chuan filmed, edited, and directed this.

Its basically a video from youtube we edited... N YES I NOE ITS NOT A NUKE>>!! ITS JUST AN ATOM!! But we made it anyway... I Really hope that you guys enjoy watching this funny thing as we have enjoyed making it in one night Blekk~~

Adobe CS4 Premiere Pro Rocks. (although I suck at it)

Special Thanks to Our classmates who laughed at it.
And No Thanks to Dianne for making me upload it. =.=
If John sees this I would be soooo ashamed... haha..

Forgive me, for rosak-ing a originally good video.

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