Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boring Days Ahead

HOLIDAYS = boredom

Any suggestions?

Oh, and I just connected my laptop to my desktop monitor. Doesnt look too bad.
Got a new haircut.
New clothes.
New shoe.
New pants.
Old brain.

Leaving KK on the 25th. How I hate to leave. But I also wonder how much more will I change once I leave? for the better? Or worst?

Everybody always wonder if they will be changed or not. But I'd rather ask myself, "will i stay the same?"

I keep on thinking, Is the reaction of the people around me a reflection of my being?
If it is, then I must suck a lot. hahaha.

Well. Enough of the doses of negativity. Lets go to the fun part!

Christmas means, SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
N I bought tonnes of clothes. well not tonnes but you get the point.
70%, 50%, 30%, 20%, 10%, so many discounts, and so hard to make a choice. DARN.

N This season aint complete without food. So please try out as many food as u can this season. (dont blame me if u get fat)

N MOST OF ALL. Go and support your church or a church nearby you at this festive season. Spread the Good News fellas.

Keep the smile on your face and have a nice holiday season.
On the 12th day of Christmas~~~~

Let the boring and overused Carols live on.

I will try to add photos into this post yeah. Sorry yeah ^^

my room in general.

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