Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ma Dear.

My dear beloved,

I still remember how we first met,
In the midst of the hustle and bustle in a restaurant.
You came out of the kitchen,
looking so pure and innocent.

I would go to the shop from time to time,
In search of you.
We would spend hours upon hours staring at each other,
And I would be amazed by your calmness.

Soon, I had to move to a place far away,
though I was reluctant, I had no say.
It became an inconvenience to go to the shop we where we met,
The Indian shop at the corner.

Day after day, the feeling I had for you became a memory,
Days stretched to weeks and week stretched to months,
And finally, Months stretched to years,
And even the memory fade away.

Fast forward a few years and there I was at Shah Alam.
Sitting at an Indian shop, where I saw you again.
And you were with another man.

I asked for you, and you came to my table and sparks flew.
As I stirred my cup and looked at you, I could feel a void in you.
And as I drank away, you filled my empty and lonely heart again,
I can only express the feeling as creamy and bubbly.

Day and night I had made it a point to meet u there,
Where I can feel whole with you again.
Then came a time when we had to part,
And I promised to see you again in KK.

Vivid in my memory, I was walking in a store,
And I saw you there, sitting in a corner
As though you have been crushed and dried into powder.

"Oh! How I longed for you"
I said as I held u with my hands.
That was the day you came home with me.

I laid you on the table, and after preparing awhile,
our lips touched.
I can taste your distinct flavor on my tongue,
Your warmth could have melted the ice caps,
Your scent awakened the beast in me.

You rested in my hands as i carried you up into my room,
where I experience un-foretold pleasure.

Next Morning when I rose up,
There you were sitting in my kitchen.
Right there I embraced you with my hands,
and swore to never leave you again.

My dear.

My very dear dear,

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