Saturday, October 30, 2010

What a week. And, another to go.

Bugga, I just had a week of test. It will remain forever in my mind as a week I will never want to go through again.  I just don’t like a week full of test. Nobody does.

Hmm.. Whaddap? Nothing. Haha, Life has been bout tonnes of studying and reading books. Failing exams tests and quizzes. Forgive my bad grammar and spelling and tonnes of other errors. Haha. BUUUHHH I wanna go home. This place is too boring. I cant take it anymore. Hahaha. Now, it seems that home is a good place to be, considering that I am in Shah Alam. HAhahaha.

Next week is my finals. WUT? YES! It is. And I think I am doomed due to the fact that I don’t know what to expect, except that it is gonna be as hard as steel up in my throat. GRRR

NBA is starting. wooohooo. Nuff said.

Hmm… Meh, got nothing much to say. Currently very busy. haha. I will try to update ASAP after my exams. or more likely, when I get back to KK. Hehehe.


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