Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Slow Morning.

Argh, today, time moves like a snail.

Am I too used to the hectic life, that when it comes to enjoying life, I just forget how to do it anymore?

Why do I find it so hard to relax nowadays. =/ I am so tensed up. I need to slow down.. TENSO! xD Argh, always angry/emo/sad/jealous nowadays. Need, to, chill. zzzz

Hmm… As I have said. this morning is so so super slow. I am writing this at 4.50pm, and Nat is still asleep. Darren at laptop. Everybody is lacking energy. Haiz. Need restoration of strength. Haha. “NOT ENOUGH MANA!!!!!!!”

Talking about energy, we know that to have tonnes of energy, we need to eat. So, on Thursday, we ate tonnes of Pizza. Hahhaa. Here is the photo of the pizza xD


Yeah, that’s all the pizza we had. For not many people xD Glutton!



The still aura in our room. Nat sleeping in the room on the right. You can see a bit of his head. And that’s Darren on the left.


And this is how the tables in my room look like when people are not studying. xD Lonely me.


This is my table. =/ Boring rite. xD

Yeah. I guess, I hate saturdays.


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