Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Grand Closing

My Fall 2010 semester has finally ended.

Adorned with energetic juniors and heavy subjects, along with the occasional punches of TESTS, this semester sure delivered what it was meant to deliver, a mixture of smiles, sweat, and tears.

Truth is, as I grow up, I have learned to look forward and hope for more. Right now I truly want to see what the future has in store for me. If I were to say what had I learned the most in this particular year, it would be to be a more caring and a more cheerful person. What will I learn in next semester? More patience? Being more enthusiastic? Being less of an ass? Haha no-one knows. I will just have to wait, and keep on fighting when the time comes.

Well, It is time for me to focus on my university applications. Hahahahaha. I should really start or be screwed all over heheheh.

Fun? Oh yeah. Hahaha. Well, since I can’t describe it due to my horrible vocabulary, I should just show pictures of it.DSC00157

Random cat. I still seem to be lacking the white tiger though.


Soo Chuan (left) and Chris (right) fighting over lives on the black and white battlefield


Me and Roys trip to Nando’s Bahahaha Half bottle of extra hot, gone. Chicken is also Extra hot. xD


Lee Sin posing and reluctant to help her stuck friend, Meng Yee. Guys: Darren (left), Roy (middle), Yap (right).


Some mee in Kim Gary. Awesome.Hahaha. IT IS SO DAMN BIG.


Baked rice in Kim Gary. I think. Looks delicious. Hahaha.


My dish. Gone. Burp.

Hahaha, I gotta admit, going out to Sunway is tonnes of fun, when done with friends. Hehehehe. Hmm.. Yeah, I gonna go back to Sabah on the 9th, so bye bye Hell.

All the lessons learned, the knowledge gained, friends made, and bonds formed, will not go to waste. I shall take all of it and put it somewhere close to my heart.


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