Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hmm, Before School Starts Again.

Hey, I watched Iron Man 2, guess what? It was just an ok. The ending wasnt all that awesome, and the basics of the storyline is almost same as the first movie. GO watch and you'll understand.

And Hooray! The Malay Stalls has reopened. This means we do not need to go to Dawood oredy lu!!! Gahaha!

Hmm just bought a new earphone luo~~ Hahaha.. It's blue in color, which represent serenity, or something else,or... NVM.

So, on last Thursday, me Nat, Howard, Darren went to a Klang Bak Kut Teh shop to eat Bak Kut Teh. Nyam nyam... Haahah.. It tasted heavenly, and.. Nah, I will fail to describe it correctly, go taste it for yourself. It is at taman Rashna, Klang.

I went to Carl's Junior too, which tasted superb. NOt only it has the quality, it also has the quantity to fulfil my stomach.

Darn!! Class starts tomorrow, and I have to prepare for it today. Not that I am whining but going to class is such a pain... Boring boring boring...

I think I am gonna fail my exam.. THe result has not been announced yet, but I do have a bad feeling.. Haiz.. Nah, lets put that aside.

A new semester, means a new beginning for my life in INTEC. Maybe from here on I will do better, or maybe I will be worst off than before. But no matter what happens, I noe I will survive. MUAHAHA.

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