Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free but not free

Ah, yes. The much anticipated summer semester. Well, now i am having tonnees of fun and sleep everyday since my class hours are only 6 hours per week. WhheEEE.. mMUAHAHA.!

bUT I am both free and not free. Why? I have lots of free time. Yes. But I have already planned what to do in these free time. What to do? Modern Warfare 2 WHEEE~ dun get me wrong here... I dont game whole day.. We do have our own fun too, like basketball, talk crap, SMS, and ... MORE GAMES..

Currently playing Borderlands too. Borderlands deserves a round of applause for its intense gameplay and its funny storyline along with the very very very weird characters. haha.

Back to modern warfare 2.. The game starts to irritate me due to the freaking aimbots and wallhackers... If they want to play that please go play counter strike(with bots). Dun spoil my fun.Freaking noobs. Haiz... Sien. Nowadays people desperate for nuke. haiz...

Well back to life, I think I am losing weight =0 Muahaha. Whats more, we all started to play sports again whee~ after the freaking spring sem.. T>T Hope can get back into shape soon Muahaha.! Soon I shall be like an athelete =P

Darn. My handphone spoil liao, so now I cant use my handphone anymore T>T so revert back to a very old version of nokia. haiz.... sms is such a pain lol.

Haiz.. listening to depressing songs nowadays is such fun lol. Gives me a type of feel everytime i do. haha.

Good days ahead of me. I shall enjoy my life to the fullest before Fall semester befalls me. Haiz. TO all my frens in KK, dun say u miss me LOL. Haha.

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