Friday, May 21, 2010

Jealousy/envy? And various other stuff.

So, tell me. What's so great about clubbing =.= I don't fancy paying 100+ just for a night full of head banging, spoilt eardrums, clouded judgment and pretty women (oooooooo)

So, I decided to pass on clubbing and went to Homes instead. Wheee~~ Great food, warm people, encouraging Word, nice fellowship, and more good food whee~~ I seriously thanks myself for not choosing to go clubbing lol.

And no, i am not jealous of them in da club~~

So, jealousy….. What is jealousy? Being bitter about your friend having a gorgeous girlfriend? Wishing that you went and had fun with your friends drinking in da club? hehehe….  For me arh… I am jealous all the time… Heehehhe…. What I am jealous about? That’s for you to guess... (because you will never guess it also haha)

SO, I finished up Lost for season 1-5 last week… gotta tell ya, it gets kinda pointless after the first few seasons.

Did my psychology first test too. Now I think Psychology is awesome. If I have any chance to get my hands on psychology related courses… I will!

My Dorm is seriously becoming a COD4 nest. Everybody is playing. So everyday we have around 10 people blasting away in COD4. Retard tubers, flashers, stunners, and campers. Being a “veteran” COD player, I think that these people can play really well @@….


I look forward to seeing my brother and playing his psp and basketball with him. I miss my mom my dad my grandma my bro and Milo(the dog)!!

Current favorite music? Pitbull – shut it down…. Hahaha… Joke.

Stargate Universe Started again! Whee, I hate the sex xxx parts though. Its like it does not fit the storyline and makes all the women in the show whorish.

If you are reading this, most likely you are my friends or family. So, I’d like to say I love you all. To any random person out there, I love the world, and most importantly the people in it. Jesus loves you. Over and Out.

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