Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Past Month

Movie? Kick Ass. Mind you of some gore n vulgarities and some really American value. Other than that, awesome. I aint gonna spoil the fun for you, so go and watch it. SUPPORT it cause its better than some really bull movies i have watched.

Hmm.. Finally Spring sem is over, along with my dream of getting any sort of good grades at al :( I aint smart... but i tried my hardest. This is the time where I have tried anything at all. (lawl that sounded sad.)

Bah.. Back to My dorm... From? Genting!!! Whee!!!!BLek!!! here is the link for the photos lol. ()

Seriously had fun with Darren, MArie, Nathaniel and Howard. You guys HAVE to check out photos of Darren, soooo dumb. (thk Goodness he does not read my blog :P)

Omg.. back here in this forsaken place again.. Need to buy a sweater, belt, earphone, pillow, basketball and more. GUess what? I am outta cash.. DARN IT! Silly money! Everytime also burn so fast. Now that the Malay Stalls are gone again we are stuck with Dawood! These Guys must be damn good considering that they manage to spark a conspiracy to get rid of the cheap Malay Stalls. I sound like a politician. Hmm.. BURN ME ALIVE BABEH!

Well, for the very sad part of my post, I would say that I feel pity for some people. People who fail to see the world in another's view and another's perspective are like so stuck with themselves. They are so in love with themselves that they can't even see or feel or sense at all what people around them think about them.

Another type of people I feel bad for are those who are void of emotions except for anger. Why must there be so many sour people in this world? T.T

I can't say more. For If I do, they might know who they are, If they ever read my blog at all :P

Haha, how I feel right now? Hmm.. dissapointed about my semester, excited for the future, happy for my vacation, sad for some people and in love with myself :P

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