Friday, May 28, 2010

Nothing much. Just about today.

This wont be a long post.. All I want to say is that I went out today to eat CHINESE FOOODDD! Yeah char sau, sau rou, ji fan. Thats it. Played that weird football thing on the table with the spinnning figures. Hahah..

Yeah. SO. Shout out to Lawrence and Rouffy for tubing me into oblivion with their guns.

Erm.. yeah. The line still sucks after the whole block of ALevel and AUSMAT people move out to Cemara. Darn this Wimax. What excuse again?

I wanna be a billionaire. Haha.. Nice song. By sleeping after playing that song, I bet my sleep will be filled with fantasies with money and women. Joke!  Filling up my dream journal with those dreams will surely help me get good scores in psychology.

Just watched Law Abiding Citizen just now. Not bad movie. A bit sad. But it really has some things for me to ponder on. Just watch it and you’ll understand.

Grr.. Hahaha… Dont know what to say about today. I guess boring is an adjective.. Haha.. Byes. Whoever you are, see ya soon.

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