Monday, March 1, 2010

Nando's for Chap Goh Mei!

OMG!! On Chap Goh Mei night, me, Roy, Brian, Howard, Darren, Nat, William, Yap, Jerald, San Xiu, Hobart went To... Guess? Aiya.. read the title.. I thought thats what the system has taught u guys.. Hahaha..

So! I ordered Hot peri peri half chicken with rice and potato salad. AWW!! I regretted not calling for extra hot.. But i did spam on the Extra Hot sauce after that :D

Highlights? Yum~~~ Seng~~ Poor guys them.. they ordered a jug that cannot be refilled.. Me Nat Roy Howard and William ordered and shared a 2 bottomless cup (can be refilled!!). After counting.. we reached a total of seventeen refills ... OMG... I was like so full of 100 plus..

The Food was awesome.! The chicken was grilled to certain perfection and the rice was nice! The only dissapointing part was the potato salad.. T.T I guess what I like is kinda different from semenanjung.. Go Sabah!

Owh.. as i am typing this San Xiu is looking at me LOL.. Awkward... =.=

Barh Pics!

Bottomless drinks! xD

Jug drink can only pour 7 cups... compare THAT! Hahaha..

We separated tables, so this is what their table look like :D Yum~

half chicken wif couscous and potato salad


Half chicken wif fries and salad..

Conclusion: Nando's is not bad.. just prepare for a bad day after toilet experience if you spam on the hot sauce.. T.T

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