Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boo Holidays!

First of all, holidays sucks. Its the only time your parents nag non stop.
I mean all the rage and the anger your parents stores for you every single moment you are not there is so not tasty. WAKING UP AT 7 in the holidays?


And then, we spend our whole life to run away from our parents, yet we still go back home every holiday, WHY!!!! Why did i even spend money on my ticket? What a waste. I hope my next away from home experience for a longer period would somehow provide them the awakening they need.

We have survived for months on our own and they still want to breath down our necks? They gotta realize this ain't no more the GOOD OLD DAYS where we use to run around sticking everything we see into our mouth and pee-in everywhere rite? What the heck man. Sudah lah i offer to help around(and i did) still mau bising. They really ought to control what they say to me. And I ought to do a research on why the speech part of our brain is such a misguided piece of crap. Miserable chinese new year.

Not that I dont respect them ZZZ. I try not to make a sound BECAUSE I KNOW what I am gonna say next aint nice. But sometimes they just want the BONUS prize dont you think? They love to push you, as if after 18 years they still dont knoww our limit. The sky is the limit? OH YEAH! AND I AM A VERY SMALL PLANET!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes you just wanna kill stuff and whack stuff and shoot stuff, but you find out that your internet connection is just about as good as your mood. It reaally is such a spoiler that every few seconds you experience a out of "connection" experience dont you think? SO it is with my DIgi broadband. I mean COME ON. YES it is fast. BUt WTH it owes disconnects.. Some day i am gonna follow Supernatural and find the yellow man and exterminate him. This yellow man is going down..

By the way, BUGGER, I still cant buy a freaking phone with a decent camera... I NEED IT LOL!! AND SHOOT! My bank is going thinner by the second. ZZZ i hate spending money.. I hope that making money is as easy as multiplication, or even better, Power! If i squared my money every minute, I would b Infinillionaire by the end of the day :D

"Bugga"(with the accent)(quoting Hobart) I gotta go and warm the bed till the next morning.. My neighbours playing blackjack!! ( I want, but cant) ZZZ hate... Gotta... erm.. go to dreamland.. Err.. Nvm , one last game lah. (procrastinating my sleep)

Bah, until next time larh hor... Cz I really duno what to say... So... EMOtional.

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