Saturday, March 20, 2010

American Infernal Fiesta (AIF)

Hey Yo People!!!!

Last week has been a hell hole for ADFP students! Darn, everyday have to stay up til 3-4am for stupid events. Its, not over, but the worst has already come to pass. We had Halloween night, class parade, dodge ball, class forum, informative speech, pass up essay 2, research paper sourcing and many more. Conclusion: hell.

I have also taken my video for AGT night. It was suppose to look like american idol videos, but i guess we took it more like a vain show. Moving On, I have my AGT night to prepare for... so stress, but cannot get the will to practice..

CLass parade was a blast! We went there unprepared, way unprepared, but we got good reviews! Haha, unbelievable. I got punched in the face during our presentation, dammit. We did our theme based on The Incredibles. Cast, Mr incredible - Marie, Elastigirl - Li Yen, Invisible girl - Diane, The very fast boy - Rahman, Jack Jack the baby - Raffique(FTW xD). Haha... overall I LOVED class parade! Fun activity!

Halloween night was kinda boring, to me. I am never a fan of ghosts. Dressing up as one is even worst. So me and San Xiu took a cheap approach, Devil May Cry. We dressed up like Dante, without the coat. Darn! Haha, Quraish's video PAWNS! I mean like its str8 out from the Zombieland oven man! Parody is always better! haha.

Dodgeball? Nothing much to talk about. Lost 3 out of 4 rounds. Sad. BUT WOW, for a game that is played once a year, people can get so emotional. About to fight oredy one, but sadly our Head of Program go break up the riot.. Sad... Wait! i shud say i am happy that no one got hurt right? But I know you know me better 0.<

Bah! I participated in all events already, SO PLEASE LECTURER, gimme my MARKS!

Erm, pictures are limited, as you know i am not photogenic.

Our Theme, If you dont know what the incredibles is.

We posing under the sun ^^

Look at what????

I am so cool ( havnt pose oredy take.)

calling somebody.. ZZZ

Me Sanxiu, Liyen, Rachel

Me and Marie

Me and Amy and ROhan at the side like an Indian ROckstar

Me San XIu and SOo Chuan

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