Saturday, March 13, 2010

Musically stressful week.

ARRGGHH! I swear to the Red Bull I am drinking that this week is gotta be the worst week ever..!!

First of all I was sick, stomachache, headache, feverish and more! I was already half dead but since I had to attend class so that i dont miss out... I attended class larh... Then feel like crap... Can do exercise but after that I feel like I had a brass band pounding in my head... Really crap larh..

Secondly, I had to play Guitar for four consecutive days LOL.. Not that I am complaining though, cause I had FUN, but its tiring fun larh... Hmm.. I played for Campus Alive, YAY! By The Way CA is AWESOME!!! And then I played for Amani and Chi Liang in our mini band. We sang secondhand serenade's fall for you!!WEEE, I sure have high hopes..

Thirdly, next week, I have a test, a forum, and a whole week of pointless fun to prepare for (Halloween nite, class parade, dodgeball, our band-if I qualify).Its gonna be hectic people! So...

Lemme show you my training times for my band hehe...

Looking at the score...

CHi Liang pro wei~!

My hands~~ My hands~~

Me n Chi Liang Practice

Chi Liang emo wif the song..

By Viewing the video.. You agree not to make fun of me or any of my teammates for all our mistakes.. T.T This is the audition kays..
Please I beg you dont laugh at my band kays... we a bit weird larh but still okays d barh...

Buarh! I got to go.. bye bye luo..

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