Saturday, November 28, 2009

Visit back to Ma Hometown

Well, I've got to say that this visit back to Keningau was far less than what I have had expected it to be.

For the first time in my life, I was not satisfied with going back to my hometown.

Okay... Let's start wit the fun part...
1st of all we have collected lots of fruits.. LOTS OF IT!!! Blah.. I hate mango already.. Thinking of fruits will surely make me puke right about now. EWWWW!!

Then I have got lots of animals!!! yay!! Cows!!! Yeah.. i duno why but the calf seem to like me. Maybe I smelt like grass that time.. Wee~~ The dogs there hate me btw.. maybe I never had the chance to feed them.. BOOO dogs.. BOOO!!! Ducks are shy creatures.. ZZZ N there is a particular dog at my aunts house that was supposedly "playing" with us but apparently is just trying to bite me. Darn I have got a mark on my hand..

Did some fishing. Imagine pulling out the organs of a still moving fish... Eww... I had to do that..

Okays.. Other than that, my life there for the past few days was visiting relatives and sitting at home (BORING) =.= I am not complaining but COME ON.

Oh, the temperature there at night is addictive.. Cold but not too cold... Makes you wanna stay up all night and feel it on your skin.

Quarreling with my parents... SMS from time to time is my regular routine.

Oh yeah, and to all you Eragon fan, Brisingr is NICE.
To all of you that are oblivious to your surroundings, Brisingr is the third book of the Inheritance saga. (Not trilogy anymore - curse you Christopher Paolini)

Fuh.. By The way.. I just deactivated my facebook.. I think its a waste of time.Why??? ZZZ see for yourselves.. How much time you spent on facebook a day? Can you imagine if facebook never existed? Blah.. Wadever lah.. I just dun wana get addicted to that garbage... If you got a problem... Then think for your own self...

Blah Blah... Heartbreakers. Hmm.. Sorry lah.. I dun have a cam wif me.. sooo.. no pics.. ^^ Blah (I never had a cam anyways..) N Thx for reading... (Nah Bee Keng sudah lah i update at midnight ni...)


Bee said...

Like I force U to update..

Kevin Wong said...

Blah~~~ no u din.. actually i wana write about it.. just that u "initiate" me

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