Saturday, November 21, 2009

It’s been a long time.

Lets just put it this way. I have been busy.

TV shows:

I have been watching stuff ranging from


house md house

verdict? Not bad… I lost my streamyx so can never download liao cry cry cries…..


My newest collection features, teng teng teng teng~~~~

DAO Dragon Age Origins wakakaka…

My rating would be a 8/10 for the game..

They are so scared of piracy that some of your quests is DLC. dammit.

Then you die too fast, and potions are not always readily available… (whrs my cleric!!!)

DAoo Thats ur interface for d game (lightning strike!!!)

DAooo D game is a very strategy and open ended game.

UUUUUU decide. wadever u do. Skills, chats, party, attributes, people’s life and death and to hlp or to watch as ppl suffer. Your choice. wakaka. I am kind at heart so… hehe. and you are not rated by what you do… just that your option with the person decreases as their liking of you decreases. and sadly one of the options is sex. NO I DIN TRY TO MAKE THEM DO IT U PERVS>>>

Other problems would be that i hate enemies, cause all of them has a built in 2~3 sec stun. which is a terrible thing for your party. And you dont get an elmental mage till later in the game.. T.T  no area spam babes… unless u chose to be a mage (tauhu)

Blah, Assasins creed, intersting but too time consuming. =.= And people..

YOU LIFE LESS PEOPLE, Stop dota lah. hahahah jokes..


Yeah, and I went to kundasang, but i cant show u guys my pic CZ I DIN TAKE ANY. didnt it occur to you i am not a cam whore? Just go to fiona and ooi xin kenn and sydney’s photo albums… heheh… Phoebe and the fish… will be the next beauty and the beast parody… Nudge goh n plea him to upload d vid.. =.= kekeke..

Bah… about 2012

There has been LOTS of people who think 2012 is just plain crap… Haha.. well.. Average movie, Farfetched. At least if features some of the more emotional sides of a real doomsday compared to plain scientific crap that it mentioned in the movie. Scientists said so =.= Sacrifice and all that crap is what makes the movie nice… other than that… zzzzz 6/10


I only liked time for miracles sung by adam lambert in the end of the movie. Hahaha..

Ui. Next time lah… I am tired of typing about life. Gotta go and live it. So long Bros and Sis. (GET OFF UR COM KEVIN) (WADEVER MOM)

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