Sunday, November 1, 2009

All American Rejects

Let me talk about my experience of going to the all American rejects concert.

For all of you who didn't know, I got he concert ticket for free by subscribing to DIGI music xD

I went there basically by KTM lRT and Commuter =.= 1 hour plus journey.

Before the concert started, I went and eat bakso at a nearby shop. Nice ha-ha. queuing up is a pain in the ass. Not to mention we waited in line for one full hour. the line was basically 200 meters long. why? bcz, its all American rejects baby!

So… after queuing up for a frigin 200 meters, i went on into the stadium and wala… nothg was happenning. not yet. Pop Shuvit, Disagree, One buck short, Estrella, were our local singers that went on stage 1st. They were great. i loved them. People were going crazy already even though it was just our local band.

Then it happened. what happened? Commercial stream for a full hour. We had to stand up and watch commercials for one full hour. I was about to go crazy man. Then at the moment of hour dispair, we heard the drums rolling and the crowd went crazy.

Bugga. crazy people do exist in Bukit Jalil. I can barely stand up. Bukit Jalil was shaking man! AAR just made the crowd wild.10.0 on the richter scale haha. Blasting. Move Along, It Ends Tonight, Dirty lil Secret, and more songs were sung during the concert. Oh! I wanna tooo. ha-ha.

There were old people present at the scene too. ????? young at heart I suppose.

AAR left the stage and people thought the concert was over and started going back. Me and my friend went to the front. Suddenly, AAR went back on stage and sang when the wind blows. Ha-ha. Then he basically talked about Malaysia for a while. He almost blurted out the f word haha. In a good sense. Lembaga music was happy that night due to the lack of misconducts by AAR (damnit).

Final Song guess wad? Gives You Hell lah! After that the concert was obviously over and people went home straight after. As for me I went to KL Sentral McD to sleep. Of course got friends lah.. Blasting! Ha-haPA310221

damn long line.


our local bands (sry i cant get in front due to fatty tissues)


AAR ( best shot. =.=)


Thats Tyson in an Indian suit. Ha-haPA310307

Bugga blur shots.


Best shot yet.


Gives you hell


Group Pic. (see my reluctance?)

No pics in McD. Not a good scene olso. Thats It lah xD

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