Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exams, exams, and freedom.


Bodoh Punya exam. Thats all i can say.. All this crappy examination has taken its toll on me. Bugga. if u want real evidence, take a look at this pic.


thats how all the ADFP students look like right now. oh well, exam is gone. so here i am typing some crap on the internet.. =.=

eeee all american rejects. I have downloaded their album just to b ready for d concert xD . 


Enough of AAR. talk about them after i have successfully return from there.

Ah yes the sweet smell of the shores of Sabah. Cant wait to get back. I love Sabah. Y? Becz of our friendly chinese animal. haha. they taste better than beef xD. right now i long for a bowl of mee soup wif our friendly animal inside.. hahaha poor things.. they dont deserve it.. but since they are around.. they are unlucky. haha.

Even if the sky is falling down~~~~ yeah jay sean.. haha. tat guy sings nice. hah. Hmm.. Naruto is getting from draggy to draggier. its getting kinda stupid now.

N now i am damn pissed bcz tat stupid bus ….. haiz..

this is the story

Me n my fren went futsal

the weather became raining.

we became wet and ran to the bus.

then the bus was full, the weather was cold, and we were wet,

recipe for disaster. n tat guy went onto another bus, watches a chinese soap on TV3 for the next hour. i was about to give out some serious exclamation marks. =.= b4 tat happens he managed to finish watching the soap. moral of the story? immoral beasts..

Enuf of those… Bah… I will report more on Monday when I go back to KK..

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