Monday, October 5, 2009

After a long while..

well… this saturday is SAT yay… cause i think i am going to screw it… =.= Pessimistic? No! Realistic.

Whats more…. I just finished Resident Evil 5.. It lacks the adrenaline of the previous ones since now it is more action orientated.. Pros and cons ^^, there was also a weapons glitch which happened accidentally… Shudve exploit it more i think. Nice game. 8/10

Then I have spelling B competition tomorrow. Tiebreaker my head.. I am going to lose anyway Hahaha..

My radio Drama is finally done after a long long time of doing it. Thank God i was able to cope with that boring thing. Being a master editor is no fun at all…

Well… thats all for this time. Kinda busy nowadays haha.. Going to be more active soon after SAT.

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