Sunday, October 11, 2009

SAT Sunway and Life

SAT is over. YAY. i don't know how to explain this feeling. It’s more than joy, it was as if I was being released from a cage. A cage that has trapped me for the last few months. Torment. Pain. Tears (yeah right). Emotional turmoil (you got that right). AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH… Lets not go back there again. But I kinda miss it too. Its like getting divorced. Mixed feelings.. Hmm… What am I talking about here… Lets move on.. SAT I could care less now. (see I told you its like divorce)

Ah yes. The after SAT mood. everyone wanna party yo~ But I End Up at Sunway doing nothing except Playing pool, archery and watching people ice-skating. My friend even got to touch a girl T.T (not that i want to) We are all “happy” for him bha. We are gonna “help” him. ^^ Enough of that crap. And now I am so disappointed that I have got free tickets to the All American Rejects concert. U wan d ticket???? Hahahaha. Dream On. I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you~~~~~

Life has not been nice to us. I mean me. Argh. Must keep my mouth shut. Stardust is not a bad movie. Its a nice dating movie. GO guys GO~!! I am now indulging in to both Prison Break and Heroes series. Not BAD!!Both of these series are nice.Recommended.


Two more week before I set foot in KK again. Gonna fix all my mistakes.. I dont do resolutions. Never works. Just Do It.Hahaha..

Cant believe my ticket? Check em out.

image200910120001 (2)



There ya go… Hahahaha…

\\Goodbye for now… As you can see in my pic… Its very very late//

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Marie-Therese said...

Good post! :D

Have fun at AAR!

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