Saturday, October 17, 2009

Worthless zombies

We are so like zombies nowadays. its either school or internet. nothing else. this destructive trend lead by none other than my roommate, William, is pretty much gonna kill us all soon enough. That son of a…..

Enough of him. me on the other hand, has finished watching prison break season 1 to 4… hahaha here is the proof..


hahaha… isnt that cool.

we also have been infected by the virus called NEED FOR SPEED : Most wanted.


Isnt it unfortunate that i have become something less than a human.? a zombie that stays in front of the computer…. I think i need a life..

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i hate doing a campaign.. Campaign for a cause? oh cmon! i can sell something or give a motivational talk much better than talkin about some humanitarian activist job…

Oh. FYI, heroes season 4 is kinda boring.. its story progression is so slow that i can sum up each episode in one word. SLOW. Prison Break still owns.

Book review!!! My book is called “Fear  NO Evil” its about a guy who is stupid enough to get stuck in prison for 9 years. Great. Its about being behind bars and more bars. What a breakthrough. BTW the guy i was talking about was one of the ministers of Israel. OOOPPS. =.=

Hmm… I guess thats all =.= we’re screwed.

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