Friday, September 4, 2009


Ahhhh.... the serene sensation of living through the exam week... not exactly an achievement to be bragging about but.... I would say its good enough for my standards..

NO. I am not going to talk about my exam... enough of that already... let bygones be bygones...

Eeeee.... I would like to talk about my 1st experience at HOMES... For me.. I would personally call it cell group..

It has been a long time since I had went to any Christian fellowship. Reason was... the holiday week involved me being trapped in Cendana... Therefore I looked forward to go to this event..

Half asleep.. I was shocked out of my slumber when Brian woke me up..
"it it time to go homes lo" "omg its 7!! can u gimme 5 min"

yeah... that explains it... i bath, dressed and ran bought some french fries all within 5 minutes.. (hungry bah..) Skip the travelling. The home we went to was a nice house. It was cosy and clean.

I know.... My grammar sucks a bit here... So bear with me....
Hmm.. when i went into the house.. I thought to myself "impressive"..... but that did not manage to excite my interest since I was already dead tired by that point of time. I can still observe my surroundings though. Ugh... My brain is stalling... I am running out of adjectives.... FINE.. the house was nice.. Then came the people.. everyone was very warm and stuff.. Then the foood..~~ Yeah... curry and beehoon.. not much.. but enough to fill my tummy..

Then came the worship.. Great time i suppose... Loved it.. Feels like being deluged in a drought.. It is just so fascinating what God can do through a time of lifting up praise to him..

Then the highlight, the sharing.
At first, I saw the big title... TESTIMONY.. I was like oooowwwhhh man... the hardest thing talk about... We were separated into groups..and we were supposed to share our testimony to each other... If you ever want to know what I share... Private stuf...

Then the person who was sharing pointed out that the dictionary states that testimony=personal account/experince/first hand encounter.

He said that the more faith we put into our actions. The more testimony we would be able to give.. EEEeee i have been low on fAITH LOL.... Better repent... Ugh.. the whole sharing was amazing... It reminded me how happy I was when God was the only one I depended on.. I want to go back to that place of pure dependence on God again...

GGGGRRRR no matter what I do I cant seem to express correctly!!! dang it... fine...
The guy said get the mpg for the whole sermon by the pastor.... I will try...
Hope to grow more faith.

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