Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our All Guys Shopping Trip.

If you think only women shop.. You must be very wrong xD

Yesterday me, Darren, Bryan, Howard, Yap and no-one else went to sunway pyramid to shop!
Hehe. And If you think we window shopped, well, you are pretty darn wrong.

First of all we guys LURRVVVVVV to spend money on ourselves!! YEAH! Where should I start with.. Hmm.. We went to Padini, Banana Peel, Kitchen, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Levi's, and weirdly, Al-ikhsan. Hmm...

The rest of them shopped like crazy, but I on the other hand bought only two things. Which costed 200 bucks EACH. T.T I am now on a very very tight budget.SO! lemme show you what I bought!


Yeah! Original games. hehe Modern Warfare 2 ROX! Add my steam acc if u want to. {B@llz}UnderDog

Adidas xD Blindside 5 Low leah..
(Darren bought one named Champion shooting star. Lame.) Hahahaha =D

OMG! my bank is empty, but hey, i think that what i bought would be worthwhile ^^

Big Spender a.k.a. Yap is so screwed after yesterdays shopping xD.

So tired right now, so many assignments. Next week KACA program. ask me if u wana noe about it ^^

AIEE!! ESSAY!! Byes! KK folks, CYA SOON!!!!~~ 过新年了!!!!

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