Thursday, January 21, 2010

Damn Studying life.


Its the first thing that flashes through my mind every waking moment.
Ah, the "joy" of all the presentations, essays, quiz, and studying.

Its not like i am complaining or anything.. But I plainly just hate doing so much assignments.
Those torturous murderous subjects. If they cut the assignments down by half, I will be a happy man.

Calculus. a word that brings a chilling feeling to my skin. Limits~ Derivatives~ and tonnes other "suppose to know" stuff is gonna be the death of me. My brain will melt... I think I am gonna have a nervous breakdown soon.

You know -lah i am relaxed by nature, so if you see me studying, i am in deep shit. And as you can see right now i am studying. HEY! lets do this the scientific way.

Premise 1: Kevin studies only in deep shit.
Premise 2: Kevin is studying.
Conclusion: Kevin is in deep shit.

Why? because i have a bad semester last year n i gotta work extra hard to pull it up. Darn. =.= Hate.

N I strained my leg!!!! No more basketball for me... I love basketball oo.... ZZZZ
Every step i will think for a split second that i would faint. Thats the amount of pain i feel.

Guitar leah~ i am trying to learn some songs lo. New initiative.

I know there is no such thing as a nightmare, cause every living waking moment itself is a nightmare. And a dream is always better than reality. For me. Not you. If you gonna disapprove me than its obvious that you are not me. Stop. Dont reach for the comment button. Haha. I am such a mind reader.

And also, I just joined a mini Singles Club in my college. 5 member. Sad. I just hope no one turns gay... (if you think i am gonna turn gay, you are so wrong)

OH by the way. I gotta do my assignments ASAP. Got deadlines one you know... I bet you dont know you know...

Give you a final joke arh.

Premise 1: Assignment is Kevin's wife.
Premise 2: Kevin is doing assignments.
Conclusion: Kevin is doing his wife.

=.= Joke only okays. ZZZ Over and Out.

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