Monday, August 31, 2009

School's gonna start.

Grrr... The agony of preparing to go back to INTEC. To a life of study study study study and the cycle goes on. Everyone is still in the holiday mood and nobody is prepared to go back to INTEC.
Furthermore, we have got exam next week. And poor me have not even started studying. (YET)
Life in Intec is certainly boring (for me).

Listening to sad songs for hours and hours aint the best for my emotional health. But what can I do, Life here is so so so so so so so BORING. (you get the point) Stress is also a problem here. What I meant was, how can I not be stressed if everyone is studying and I am the only one trying to enjoy my life with games games food and music? All these people are a bunch of geniuses and they dont have problem studying. Unlike me, I find it hard to focus on my studies if it boring... (pre-cal) It is the most energy consuming subject and whats more, I find that I have absorbed nothing after an exhausting session studying it. Plainly, I am very exhausted and bored and fed up with life over here..

The truth is, I bet that everywhere that I go, I would still be feeling the same thing like I am feeling now. I really dont know what I have gotten myself into.. I hope when I am older, I wont look back and find that I have made the biggest mistake if my life to further my studies. I can always try, but I might fail.

I think I need to manage my own emotions, stress and feelings better. Conclusion? None available.

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