Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cash and Internet (Basic solutions to Teenage Problems)

I have been out of cash for the past week I suppose. Having to borrow money from my friends is not exactly a pleasing experience. Just Imagine that I have been surviving on other people's pocket money. Yeah I know its kind of stupid. Darren lend me 50 bucks and Nat lend me 10 bucks. It feels like sapping their wallets. Hahahaha...

Guess what? JPA just gave us our allowances~~~ wooohooo~~~ praise God for the reinforcements.. When Nat told me the news, I was skeptical. It is due to numerous false alarms that has occurred prior to this event that had gave me such a mindset. Still feeling skeptical but desperate for money, I walked down to the Petronas fuel station by the junction and popped my card into the ATM machine. Guess What? A four digit number with a three as the first one!!!

What a shame that I can only withdraw 200 bucks a day. (I think that limit was set by my parents to control me XD) It took me another 5 minute to run back to Cendana and pay both Nat n Darren the amounts that I have borrowed from them.

For Your Information.... I was not out of cash.. But simply too Lazy to go to the ATM to withdraw my money.... Hahahahah...

Internet!! Who can live without it? (cavemens) SHUT UP! That was rhetorical. Darren and I went to Ole Ole to get our WIMAX modem. Before we bought it, we have heard rumours of people getting faulty WIMAX modems which cost them a trip to Petaling just to fix the modem. Reason behind this (as told by the salesman) is that the only service centre available nearby Shah Alam was there. So, Darren and I were in the taxi, praying hard while holding on to the modem.

When we got back, It was a surprise that the Wimax modem worked like a charm. Whats even more surprising is that the Internet connection came in after 30 minutes! God BLESS us! Hahahaha.... We were surfing the Net in no time. DOTA + XDO hahaha...

So thats it.. THX for reading~

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