Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ok... the title has nothing to do with what i am going to post next. It is not really a WEEE kind of feeling.. guess what I am doing..

I am writing a blog.. on the teachers table. In front of 19 studying students. Hahaha.. Not the best thing to do I guess.. I have just another hour to my test... but I guess I cant stop my fingers to speak out..

I realise that sometimes.... We are just like a pot of porridge. Cant believe me? Wait till i explain... the process of cooking porridge.. We rinse the grain. We immerse it in water. We close the lid. And we start the fire going and we wait... Then heat builds up in the pot, and the lid starts rattling right? We are supposed to open the lid to let a small amount of steam out once a while..

What happened to me was.. I never open the lid for a long long time.... Pressure build up... I was stressed.. Lacking of sleep.. then, it happened.. Water poured out of the lid so suddenly....
I could not hold myself back any longer and finally poured out one year of stored emotions on someone.. =.=

I would like to thank that person for bearing with me... Listening to my ugly feelings.. Doing something so noble and still wished to be friends with me.. I will forever be grateful and be in debt ^^

And now.. you get the point.. Now that the pressure has lessened, I have to get on with life.. Let the porridge cook slowly.. Someday I think I will become a better person.. Just like the tasty porridge... xP

Yeah... thats it LAH.... Not much to say except study study exam exam. GRR... Have to tackle my studies now.. I am gonna fail sooner or later if i dont.. Reading!!! 40 minutes left.. T.T

This post is specially dedicated to that person who has helped me so much!!! TQ!!


roy said...

awww.. whos that sweet gal? xDD

Kevin Wong said...

gal? hu said anythg about a gal...

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