Saturday, August 22, 2009

My first blogging experience and My life in College.

Hahahaaha.... What Should I say.. Well.. I just had my eighteenth birthday. It wasn't a blast but it felt good that someone congratulated me for being one year older. hahha.. It might have been even more boring than I expected but hey, it isnt like i am the best friend out there..

Whats more.. Its the holidays!! AND i am stuck here in my Dorm called Cendana which is surrounded by Malays (not racist statement) which meant... Puasa... ALAMAK!!! No food for me FOR ONE FREAKING week (due to absence of friends in this forsaken holiday, I did not have the will to go to McD)... With the piles of maggie stacked beside me, i think i can make a barricade out of it by the time bulan puasa(fasting month) is over.. Laugh laugh laugh..... When reality sinks in, 3 times 10 = 30. 30 cups of maggie in a week?! no way on earth that is going to happen.
Nope, that's not going to happen.. I'd rather eat bread than die.. Although sometimes i feel the other way around, but still that is just a bit too much to accept.

My studies? Not exactly what I feel like talking about but, I guess i have to confess that I am nowhere near the standard of the class I am in. They are all straight A students while i am just a tick in their presence. Unlike me, They are geniuses.. They can "own" me anytime they would love to. But I guess I have to step up to the challenge. Malaysia Boleh, Sabah Boleh, SAYA LAGI BOLEH WAKakKAKAKA!!!!!

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