Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sup y'all.

Been a long time since I posted anything really. Nothing much is happening in my life except studying all day, gaming in free time, and sleeping all night. thats me, haha.

YT channel is kinda hard to start since i got no real life footage to catch. Got some equipments BUT nothing to shoot. I mean, it IS AMES. hahaha. EVEN SNOW DOES NOT WANNA FALL WHERE I GO. I think I am ..... too hot to handle. *sunglasses* YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Screwed up on my quizzes and homework this semester, why they so strict? Expects us to do our homework, but gives me shitty scores for it. What i mean is, even though I am doing it wrong, it sure wont hurt too give some point for effort no?

Just finish first test for statistics, hopefully, can do as well as last semester, haha. But I think I set the bar a bit too high last semester, might end up dissapointed this sem.

For those asking if I am coming back... NO. hahaha. Saving up cash okeh? =) Let see how all of this goes ^^.

Just got a 32 inch TV and a PS3. NO. I dont sit there all day. SURPRISINGLY, I am playing less and less games. Which is quite a wonder to me. I am just not feeling it =/ So many hackers and cheap people playing on this side of the world, makes me puke watching them play.

Facebook Parenting vid is the best vid ever man, haha. Dad showing some parenting skills lol. link here

SO~!, boys and girls, dont post stupid stuff on facebook yo.
Wow my post is boring, am already out of things to write AT THIS JUNCTURE.


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