Friday, August 19, 2011


Nothing much happened today.. BUT I did enjoy the most I can out of the little that happened today.

First of all there was these talks in the morning.. I do remember what they say. Contrary to what you guys are thinking about right now. NO! I was not *ehem*, asleep. I just don't wanna bother you guys with much details. They were just about Iowa State University, and how things work in the university.. And how life is in university etc etc. Let's just leave it at that.

Now moving on, let's talk about the 1 talk we had in the afternoon, "Show me the money". Um.. just some money management stuff... along with reminders about the dangers of credit cards.. So girls and boys, (yes, you), please try not to use your credit card if you can while shopping. Tonnes of lessons to be taken home, overall, great session.

Then in the evening there was a play, about all those stereotypes, prejudice and stuff. Yeah, well, I am sure my smart people out there knows all about it, so I won't bore you guys with it cause you guys will be like "Oh, THAT topiic again, lets skip that and press on this weird looking video posted right here."

Ok.. @@

Next up me Kenny and Chris decided to go to the Memorial Union for the late night stuff. We played some games, got some free food from Panda Express, got some free merchandises and had lotsa fun. Maybe I might even join one of the committees. (For all of you who thinks like this "WHAT THE, Kevin is CONSIDERING a COMMITTEE post?", you all should... darn it i can't think of anything.)

Finally we went to the highlight of the night.. The hypnotism show. man oh man was it hilarious or what. Well there is just so much funny content that I don't even know where to start. My oh my. Ok, so the funniest moment was... ugh that's disgusting.. the second funniest moment was.. The part where the subjects that were being hypnotized thought that someone pinched them on their butts.. while, it was only just a suggestion. Man they were screaming like a crab or something pinched their butts. The hilarity was off the charts. Hahaha..

Video below, describes their reaction slightly. Muahaha.

So YES my life seems boring, but today, as I went through some of my old "watched" videos from my subs on youtube, guess what I found. Nah no need to guess, I'll post it right below. =P

"aww Kevin is such a warm hearted lil' boy..." *hehe* (Keep thinking that ladies xD)
Jokes jokes, I am a nice boy =P *certain response from the crowd* Aww come on, don't be mean.

Umm, well.. Yeah.. Gonna sign off now because my warm bed is waiting for me...

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