Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey guys!

Heya guys and girls. This is your main man Kevin bringing you this particular update from AMERICA. Yes boys, America. Currently, I am in this quiet town named Ames, Iowa. I shall reassure you all my call-of-duty boys that once I get a laptop with kickass specs and an internet connection that moves faster than a lawnmower, I shall take on all the players I can and try my luck against them.


To girls: "Ohh look at him ranting about call of duty again" Come on man.. I mean girls.. lemme have my fun for a while ya know.. It's stressful to study here man.. well, studies have not yet commenced, but you get the idea... Well, most likely you don't... meh, nevermind.. Just don't forget me kays.. I really miss all of you girls. (pathetic attempt to get some sympathy from girls, which hopefully will be evident on my facebook wall soon) (Haters, do not post anything please)

*Inserts cute video for more attention*

To the guys: Yo wassup, hows my peeps back in Malaysia or wherever you are. You guys rock on! Special thanks to my church peeps that has been very supportive and helpful towards me, and made my two year in hell *opps* sorry, Shah Alam, *cough* hell, *darn it*, a very great time indeed. You guys are all forever in my heart. No homo though.

Now to all the church peeps: You guys are great, keep on shining for God! =D

To all my gaming friends: Yo guys! It might be a few more weeks before I am geared up for gaming in TUSA(The United State of America)*choke**lame* Which reminds me.. Shout out to ATUSA, continue your legend! So yeah, I think I am decided on a laptop so now I just gotta wait for my debit card to come in then I will purchase my friggin awesome laptop. Until then boys, you guys rock on! To {B@llz} peeps, please get you game on cause it's time for me to kick ass and chew bubblegums, and I'm all outta gums. *gasp* *lame* \m/(>.<)\m/

For {B@llz}

To my family: Well.. I talk to you guys on msn and facebook like few hours a day... I guess its cool no? lol. But!! To all my cousins out there, you guys rock and I miss you guys and don't forget to always be cool yo! Peace!

So.. little bit bout my life here in America.. Sometimes I just get so lazy to cook.. Like last night.. I made soup out of ginger and chicken.. And drank it with no rice whatsoever. Man, eating your own cooking 24/7 sucks. It is like going to the same old shop, over and over, and over again. Man! I have got no money to try anything fancy so don't give me that crap. Haha, I love my own cooking, hope there are girls willing to try~ *slaps own-self for pathetic attempt at getting attention from women again*

Now back to the good part.

To some special people, which are all girls anyway, from my Sabahan high school: Hey sheep, and her friend at miri, and others that I fail to give a nickname to, you guys have been a big part of my life and just wanna thank ya'll from giving me support always and I wish you guys the best. May all your wishes come true =P.


Moving on..

*scans own brain*

Well, I ran out of things to say.. But there are just tonnes of stuff I wanna do in the states. Youtube? Basketball? Food? More Games? STUDY????? I am sorry but travelling is not in my blood. =(

Anyways, I love all of you! Peace!

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Kevin said...

Guitarist is Charlie Parra Del Riego, Legendary. Haha.

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