Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year

Yeah, it’s a new year. Bleh feel so sick oo =/

Came back to Shah Alam and I got sick, well maybe it is my body warning me of the dangers of this forsaken place where many “warriors” have fallen.

I am being bombarded with the usual subjects, namely calculus and physics.. I love the subjects… If they were not graded.. but then again, they are.

New Year Resolutions? Meh I don’t believe in those. Why? BECAUSE RESOLUTIONS NEED NOT HAPPEN AT NEW YEAR. If you wanna change just do it. Hehe.

Roy and I is currently addicted to I ‘m on a boat for no specific reason, other than that the song is dumb and funny.

Me? I think this year will be the same as my previous ones, with some minor tweaks here and there. Not to mention I’ll be on the hunt for the next game to furnish my computer. Hehe… (Nope, no black ops)

Hmm… tried some specs and here is how I look in them.DSC00262

My eyes have no problem. NO.

*cough* gotta go take meds..


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