Saturday, August 7, 2010

Counter Strike ain’t my thang!!

I lost the game. Hahaha.. xD CS tournament was held for our college just now. Well, me Nat and Darren lost the thing and got 2nd place. I gotta admit, after 1 Whole year of not playing CS, we are still not bad (: But truly, CS aint my thang! I seriously felt dizzy after playing in the CS tournament just now. It was not a pleasant experience since I don’t really like CS.

My week has been quite a weird one. I started off the week with joy, which lead to disappointment, which lead to anger, which lead to feelings of uncertainty. Haha.. ask me privately lol if u wana know.

I gotta save on cash =( since my bank is slowly running empty and I will soon suffer the consequences if I don’t stop my spending.

Now I am also trying (trying ok?) to serve more LOL… For the benefit of all my juniors… and for my own personal growth. Gotta read the Bible more. Argh. This feeling of trying to rise up feels so weird.

Now that I have gotten my physics book, I seriously need to start studying and stop fooling around. If not, tests and quizzes will come and bite me on my ass.

Oh, and someone decided to give me yet another nickname. Emo elmo. Thank goodness no one has seen the post in facebook. =.= If not that name is gonna sound so weird on me, considering that I don’t have red hair. hahaha…

OMG I am so tired… I need a rest. Sleep sleep.

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