Tuesday, August 17, 2010

INTEC is like another planet.

The gathering of the aliens. Unbelievable. Today, during the election speeches, I found out that my juniors are nothing short of weird and damn weird. Although non of them beats Bro …. but they are still super weird. Weird as in weird in an awesome way LOL.

But still, its just a few months in, and I bet not everyone has shown their own true “color” yet. I bet they are going to take of their “fa├žade” after some time. And that’s when I shall see if there will be another future PM in our midst.

But Of course, when people speak, you can sort of analyze them a bit. I found out that there are people who are full of potential and those might take up the baton of being the future PM. I HOPEx100000 that there will be another of a political wannabe in our midst. So that I can LOL my way for another year till the end of my stay here. xD Unfortunately, all I see in the juniors is the milder version of our ex-future PM. T_T so sad.

Moving On~ I am healthy and getting fatter, for those who care. My hair is also very short now. Plus, I am doing bad for my current semester. Lunch is a pain since I have to take crap from ALM and AUSMAT. I don’t exercise much since my life is filled with activities. I do play game a lot and I ain’t going to stop. =D And no, I do not DOTA. *whips up dual g18*

For the past few weeks, me Nat and Marie have been obsessed with Mr. Horatio Caine =D His superb one liners make me wanna say YYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!!!! Haha. Soon I might just pull out a sunglass before I answer you!! xD (eeww this resembles Bro….)

Haiz… It always sucks, when you are stuck in a corner that will make you sad no matter what you do. It is so hard! I can’t put my mind on other stuff If I don’t handle it, but I can’t handle it cause it might be devastating. Hmmm…. Darn It. I think I just have to be patient.

By the way, I think I am running out of topic. Since ,these few days, nothing has really happened. Haha. So… Bye~


Zhi Yu Lee a.k.a. Victor said...

LOL,me likes this ^^
"Are you from Penang too?"-Darran
"I want you to put your trust in me, it's hard."-MengYee
haha =p

Kevin said...


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