Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yeah! xD this new semester is a Blast! Nah, I am not gonna tell you why in this paragraph! xD

1st: INPRO!!!!! erm, my chess team got 2nd place, despite all odds. =D but ADFP was bashed in basketball by the other programs. FYI I am in the american program. =(     hopefully we can win the parade and the frisbee~! Thanks to both the ping pong team and the badminton team for winnning us gold medals! I love you guys! I am playing as the Bodyguard for Obama a.k.a. Najmi. =D its gonna be tonnes of fun. I will pray everyday so that ADFP will win INPRO for the forth year in a row. =D

2nd: Erm. Relaxing timetable. =D my timetable really really relaxing. I hope it continues to be so for the rest of the semester, so that I can continue to do what I do everyday. =D I will never wish for anything remote to spring semester again =D I HOPE NOTHING CHANGES xDDDDD…

3rd: At least, now I am like a real college student. =D I have a social life, a gaming life, church life and study life. Which my previous sems, I lack social life LOL. AHAHAH… Going out with lots of people every week, and the fun never seems to end. =D I do hope this continues LOL. Now, I truly believe that the location of where u live seriously affects your lifestyle. Last time it was all about games and more games, but now, I am busy with a lot of people stuff. I gotta admit, I enjoy it! It gives me a great feeling whenever my juniors laugh, or smile or just feel happy. It gives me the satisfaction of being a Senior.

4th: Awesome juniors. My juniors have been nothing short from awesome. They are a bunch of cool people, and I’d be proud to introduce them to you. But then again, time constraints =D They are always sporting and although we seniors are a weird bunch of people, they don’t seem to shy away from us, which makes me very very relieved. =D But according to some of the juniors, I am very weird. LOL, I think I am just average in this mutation pool. ==

5th: I have been joining around all the sports (with the privilege of A SENIOr) and  I have found my love for my previous sport, ping pong =D its soso much fun to just hit that mini ball back to the other side of the table with skillssssss (unlike tennis where u whack the ostrich egg back William. =D) Had a fun time with Raffique yesterday and found out that I still can hold the bat LOL. Although I  gotta admit I suck really bad at even returning the ball xDDDD

6th: Now that I live on the 5th floor….. SPAM MUSIC BABEH!! I can leave the speakers at max even after 12 and no one complains!! WOhooo!! xDD this is soooo much better than cendana, where if I blast the music, people will be chasing us around with surat amaran. Ahahaha… and we can just laugh our lungs out every night and no one cares!! xD Happy!!

7th: The bus to cemara akasia is much more frequent than the ones back to cendana. This means that I can leave anytime and I will still be able to make it back to cendana in time. =D its soooooo nicceeeee xDDD

Everyone gets a new beginning, and I believe this is my new beginning, I don’t need to change much, just gotta do it better this time. I hope I don’t mess anything up right here right now. =D and so, this is my last line for this post. This is the last last line. Last last last line. last last last last line. =D

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megaofmega said...

oh yes..our juniors certainly rocks!! being a senior was never this fun :D. God am i enjoying the crazy days right now woooot!!!

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