Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Break

So, My summer can be classified under unproductive. Did almost nothing to make the Holiday worthwhile. Did not even game much nowadays..

Been sick for 2 weeks now. Not exactly a holiday that I expect. Waking up in the morning feeling like hell is burning in your throat is definitely not nice.

Hmm… Have tones of goodie bags to distribute to the juniors. But I really do not know where to start… Hope I can start today.

Plainly, I am disappointed with this years world cup. Action is at an all time low. Not much craziness from the players this year.. Sad Sad… Team quality buruk sommore in some teams.. Haiz.. I don’t really care about Spain or Netherlands. They can go kick watermelons for all I care.

3rd and 4th place? Did Paul make a prediction again? ahaha.. i don’t really care LOL.

Oh Yeah… I forgot, I met up with my juniors yesterday at Bak Kut Teh trip to Klang. Yeah. They are a cool bunch I guess. But then again, I have only met the females.. Hmm… I hope the males are not a nerdy bunch… Just hope they are crazy whacky party animals! Wait! no lah.. as long as lively enough la.. ahah.

Oh Yeah, I forgot, next Semester is coming soon! NOooooooo!!! I don’t want to study T_T I wanna party everyday!~ zzz…. In the End, I still have to study. After 2 months of break, I have to start studying like crazy again. Not exactly the kind of life I was hoping though. Ahaha..

So, school is starting soon, and I have the juniors to take care of. Sommore got Uni application to crap around with. Goodbye the Happy days and Hello Suffering.

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