Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodbyes, Holidays and Ampang Trip!

So, It is the holidays now! A little update on my life would be that I have moved in to Cemara, and I find this place very interesting compared to Cendana. I would have to state officially that Cendana is such a boring place and we have been missing out on so much things that are both good and happening in Cemara. Food, Shopping and more. I lazy wanna explain. =.= Forgive me.

So, My Summer sem was a relaxing, calming and most importantly, eye opening experience. I have learned Psychology!! Wee!! but that does not mean your next Psychiatrist appointment would be done with me. Four days of none schooling days in a week sure gets that laziness in my bones going! Sleep! Play! Eat! Play! Sleep! (general routine)

My Condolences *ops* Congratulations to Mr Hobart, Mr William, Mr Lim, Ms Li Yen, who would be flying soon (one year/kiasu). They are my good friends and (I think) I will miss them. I hope (a very weak word) they too will miss me.

Worst still, the MARA students are leaving. Which means only a handful of ADFP students will advance to the next level, ACTP. (SHOUT OUT to Syafiq Hazmie who I think should be voted the coolest guy in ADFP, Hope you enjoy the States!) We will be a very lonely bunch right here in Cemara.

“It is in the midst of the crowd, where you will experience the worst of loneliness.” – Unknown, and most likely i quoted it wrong. (whocares)

The Holidays!!!! And I have no more plans. Maybe I should go kacau the female juniors. Since the juniors are moving here soon, I think its good that I can go and make a good impression on the fe…… *slaps own face* juniors. Yeah!!! Ahaha. Games I have Mass Effect 2, but I hadnt started DL on mass Effect 1 yet… =.= I want to “feel the continuity of the story – Nathaniel”….. ZZZ I am stucked in my room with a Pau… =.= ZZZ *eats the pau* *gulp*

Hmm.. AMPANG!!! Ahaha.. I went to Chi Liang’s house to stay for quite a few days. Sorry, no photos. Erm.. The most notable achievements while I was there was that I ate Ampang Nyong Tauhu and Ampang Chicken Rice. Hmm.. Well, what I can say about my trip was that it showed me how different food can be in terms of flavour and texture even though its of the same name.. Nah, I dont know how to explain it to you guys using the “mighty” keyboard… zzzzz…… All in all, the chicken rice and the tauhu passed my “GOOD” marker. Why? All that hype from people around me who keeps exaggerating how AWESOME it is made me raise the expectation bar sky-high. Some even claim it to be orgasmic (Nat again.) Well… In the end, I thought it was just decent. Good enough for me to eat it over and over, but not good enough to make me say –ORGASMIC- (like Nat). If you do think it is really nice, maybe its just my taste bud.

So, there you have it. A good month being summed into a few paragraphs. There are certain stuff that I choose to.. erm.. keep in secrecy…. AHAHAHA… Joke. I will try to update my blog more often, If more stuff happens in my life that is. Ahah. And hey, I think a lot is gonna happen over the period where the juniors have their orientation.. So.. Hello f…. *slap* Hello juniors!

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