Thursday, June 3, 2010

Looking Forward to Moving...

So I am moving to Cemara this week... Looking forward to it haha.. Packing!

I really hope the Wimax there can tahan the our consumption… If not Imma complaining until they bleed from their eardrums….

Currently downloading DoW2-Chaos Rising… I wana play it muahaha… I loved DoW2 lol.. A good 30 hour of my life gone. hahah… And I hope the download does not slow down at Cemara LOL….

Burh… Basketball… We can have the good courts at Cemara :D WEE!!

++++ We can have better bus services! SCREW YOU CENDANA BUS!!!

Fuh.. Unbelievably… WIlliam is Playing DOTA lol… Nat is gonna start too.. Hahaha… Our temporary clan in our dorm, consists of Me, Brian, Darren, Aaron YAP, and Howard will be competing in the ATUSA recreational week. HELL YEAH WE GONNA TRAIN LIKE FREAKS!! Gonna WHACK SOME BUTTS….. (But I hadnt play in like a year.. T.T) Holy smokes.. I hope we can win T>T I wan Hampers and vouchers…

ATU night to worry about some more… They all talk about getting date LOL… For me? Nah. These Prom stuff is just crap.. Haha… Go there and have fun only lah… Haha..

Tired of Sleeping Nowadays.. So I am either playing DOta or COD6… zzz super super sien… DOW2-CR not yet download finiz!! SIENZ! I wan try out the multiplayer with NAT muahaha..!!!! (PAWN HIM)

Bah… Tired and no idea dy… That’s all I would tell u guys this time round lah K?

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