Friday, April 16, 2010

Life. Now. Sucks. Like. Crap.

No, you don't get what you pay for. Yeah just try to argue with me. I don't really mind anymore. Life's not fair. Deal with it. Effort placed into something is wasted. I'd rather I did nothing at all. let alone even lift a finger. Every night we stay up till 2am or 3am doing dumb stuff, and the PEOPLE cant even freaking lift up their pen and give us an A+. If they are lazy, they should go with an A, cause it has the same strokes as B, but only consist of straight line. If u wanted to say C, I am so gonna butcher you.

I hate this dumb crap semester. A semester full of wasted time and energy. Train us my head. Useless activities. Dumb-ass projects. Stupid and pointless presentations. torturous murderous assignments and more. Life sucks this semester. Oh Yeah, sure on the outside i look happy. But I am a person not a projector! I don't necessarily need to let my feelings be known to the public fools. I can be an pathetic rusty empty can on the inside. I do not desire to be pessimistic, but my eye seems to see the bad stuff. Why? Imagine a piece of white cloth. Place some black ink on it. it turns black. Where can u find a white spot after that? NOWHERE. No matter how far, how wide, how hard and how long you look at it, Its black. So? Pessimistic is not a way to live, its the only way to live.

Don't get me wrong. Pessimism is not cutting yourself up at night and crying all day long. Thats a sissy. Pessimism is the willingness to see beyond the facade. To willingly be one with the major percentage(failing).

"think of all the good times..." my ass. Seriously? If you can think of all the good times, you are too optimistic, for life. Optimistic people die first, as can be seen in most action movies. I am not trying to make you ungrateful about the things you have. But if you want to improve your life, you have to look towards the dark side of your life. Its the only part which desperately NEEDS improvement. The darkest parts that even you are scared to venture into are urgent! Think about things that you are unhappy with. Go kick some ass.

I want to give up. Serious. But looking back. I am so far away from where I have started. So many mistakes. So many dumb moves. So many dumb kevin. I am dumb. yes. I will accept it. But I cant stop now. I believe i can fix this mess of me. But if i fail, I will accept the fact (give up) that this path is not where I belong, and it was never meant for me. I shall turn my back on this road, and never look back. BUt I will regret, for I could have done better.


Amy Cullen said...

yea dont give up!! It's only a week left! Cheer!! :)

^_^o dENISE said...

"I am a person not a projector! " I like this sentence.. XD good luck kevin ! don't give up !!

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